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It is now clear that the worlds financial system is getting into a critical area. When money supply increases, the value of a currency declines. Throughout history, precious metals have maintained their value. Many people who see inflationary levels eating away at their savings are moving some of their cash into bullion, in order to maintain the value of their savings. Since year 2000, silver prices and gold prices have increased tremendously in response to the constant barrage of money printing. See chart below to see the value of the dollar compared to gold.

Throughout history, silver and gold bullion has been a hedge against inflation. As the value of the currency deflates, bullion prices move in reverse. It is not that the price of silver bullion or gold bullion is increasing, but the value of the currency is declining; and it costs more to purchase precious metals.  At Gold Metals and Bullion we will work to provide you with the latest silver and gold price forecasts from leading precious metals experts. Keeping you updated on all the news that can effect your precious metals investments.



  • Silver is used for industrial purposes. Silver is the highest conductor of electricity and is needed for solar panels, cell phones and computers. The demand for this precious metal will cause silver prices to rise over the coming years.
  •  Silver supply is in short. They simply cannot keep up with the demand.
  • Silver is used for medical purposes such as colloidal silver anti-bacterial therapy as well as silver is used in X-rays. This will keep demand high and silver prices high.
  • Many countries are dropping the U.S. dollar as their trading currency. This may cause a flight into precious metals such as silver and gold.
  • Central Banks are storing gold.
  • Gold has withstood the test of time in maintaining purchasing power.
  • Internationally, gold is a valuable asset that has purchasing power.
  • Gold is used for commercial purposes.






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