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1) Own Gold to Head Against the Devaluation of the Dollar.

As the dollar’s value gets lower and lower, we will see a rise in gold price.

2) Economic Deterioration in the United States

The United States keeps printing more and more money. This leads to inflation and higher food and gas prices. The more money the Federal Reserve prints, the lower the standard of living for American Citizens. The way to protect the value of your money is to put it in stable assets – such as gold coins, bullion and precious metals such as silver.

3) Increasing Demand

The time to buy is when the majority of the population is generally unaware of the rising demand for a product. Imagine the people who invested in Tech stocks or Internet stocks before the boom. Now if you were in these areas before the majority of the population caught on, you may have made a small fortune. That is if you sold it before the bubble. The same thing happened with the real estate boom. When the dollar fails, people will be scrambling to get out of the dollar and there really is no where else to go besides gold coins, bullion and silver.

4) A Hedge Against Hyper-Inflation