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Larry Edelson Says Gold and Silver Prices Will Soar


We have been carefully researching the silver and gold bullion sites regarding their silver and gold price forecasts. It appears after several years of watching forecasts and prices, that one of our favorite bullion experts, Larry Edelson, from Weiss Research has been right on target with his precious metals forecasts. Could Larry Edelson be the top precious metals forecaster?

While other experts have been pushing the precious metals, Larry has recommended that his clients wait to purchase precious metals as he continually warned of a further price decline. This has led Mr. Edelson to receive many complaints from his subscribers asking him “are you crazy?”  His clients noticing the world financial affairs wondered if Larry had his head on straight.

Well, Mr. Edelson has proven to be either extremely lucky, extremely connected or extremely brilliant. Because his predictions have been extremely accurate. In fact, I would rate him one of the top precious metals forecasters in the country.

Larry Edelson, who is curently very bullish on precious metals, has kept his subscribers out of the precious metals over the past year, sighting his expectations of a large pullback.Wow, is this guy psychic?

larry edelson

Larry has recently made an announcement that he is getting ready to usher his subscribers into not only precious metals bullion coins, but gold and silver mining stocks as well. He states that his subscribers were starting to think he was nuts for keeping them out of the market with all this threat of currency devaluation and banking problems in Cyprus, France and Italy.

Larry now says that he feels the bottom of gold and silver is coming soon. He states, there may be some more down movement, but he feels that the bottom is near. He states that this bottom will be a great place for investors to get into metals and he expects a huge bull market to last at least the next three years. He sees prices in gold to reach $5000 and silver over $100 over the coming years.

Larry Edelson works for Weiss Research, Money and Markets, and we are not associated with him or paid any money by his company.