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You deserve to have supportive relationships in your life and that includes family

Distancing yourself from family can be more challenging emotionally, depending on your situation. We often have complicated histories with our family members, making it challenging to create the distance we need. Be mindful that you deserve nothing but the best from your relationships, as you navigate limiting contact with relationships that aren’t serving you.

5. Cultivate or Nurture Relationships with People Who You Trust

To fill your emotional cup, it’s. a great idea to spend time with people who you trust and who make you feel safe so that you can feel comfortable sharing your inner world and your feelings with them. These are people who might have shown signs of empathy in the past.

These are the relationships that will help you work through the feelings you are experiencing from the challenges you are having from the person who isn’t showing empathy.

Also, take time to reflect on your experience, as you cultivate new relationships throughout your life. Watch for signs within your new relationships that the other person is empathetic, so you can prioritize this in your life.

6. Know That Your Value and Worth Does Not Depend on Their Validation and Opinion of You

While it’s so easy to try and get validation from others, our self-worth should never be based on approval from others. Continue Reading