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Yet the investment difference between the 2 teams gone away regarding second five-12 months several months (Fig

I basic matched close misses and you may thin wins when it comes to an array of observable qualities (discover Strategies area for additional malfunction out of CEM), and get that after matching, near misses still outperformed thin wins when it comes to both hit files (16

The performance advantage of the near misses is particularly surprising given that the narrow wins, by construction, had an initial NIH funding advantage immediately after treatment. Given that funding from the NIH can be an important means to augmenting scientific production 35,38,39,52,56,57,58 , we investigate funding dynamics for the near-miss and narrow-win groups over the following ten-year period. We find that the near-miss group naturally received significantly less NIH funding in the first five years following treatment, averaging $0.29 million less per person (Fig. 2d, t-test p-value < 0.05, Cohen's d = 0.28), which is consistent with prior studies 8,52,59 . 2d, t-test p-value > 0.1, Cohen’s d = 0.02). Continue Reading