introwertykow review

It’s one of the BDSM dating sites I’ve tried

Living in NYC, I’ve come to accept the variety and even the oddest walks of life. Well, I thought that some people were odd until I dug deeper and learned about my inner likings. I’m talking about the bondage stuff. Funny, I had no idea this was my thing until recently. Today I’m covering a site called Collarspace.

Collarspace Review: The Kinky BDSM Forum

I’ve used many different types of dating sites in my years and I’ll admit, sometimes I feel like boring, vanilla sex and sometimes I crave something a little less, shall we say, normal.

My Collarspace Review

Of course, normal is subjective. But, for me, when I’m craving some kink, it usually falls into the category of BDSM. And no, I don’t mean the whole ‘50 Shades of Lady-Porn’ type of BDSM, but legit bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism. Continue Reading